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Strippers, Shows & Topless Staff

Strippers have the most comprehensive list of strip shows currently available, including a range of specialty XXX-shows not offered anywhere else. No matter what you’re celebrating or just having a boys night, we are sure to have a show that meets your needs and budget.


* Show descriptions are example only as each performer is different. Travel charges apply outside 15km radius Melbourne CBD

Topless Waitress
What’s better than boobs and beer? Sit back, relax and enjoy the view as one of our sexy topless or skimpy waitresses serves your drinks. A great way to spice up the night.

Min hire 2hrs

Topless Poker Dealer
topdealerSo you’ve got a great game organised, but what about a great view? Our topless poker dealers are here to help. Get the best of both worlds, enjoy a great game and a great view.

Min hire 2hrs
$130/hr (per dealer)

Raunchy Strip
raunchyThe best show to kick off your night. Combines full nudity, open leg work with creams & oils, whips and more. Lots of attention to buck, birthday boy etc. Can be done to G-string on request.

Show length – approx 15mins

Bubble Bath
bubblebathWhat better way to get cleaned up than with one of our naughty strippers wet and foamy in a mini bubble bath. Includes full nudity open leg work and the addition of foamy water and sponge.

Show length – approx 15-20mins

Strawberries & Cream
s-cFancy a self-serve buffet? Then try licking the cream off the naked body of one our gorgeous strippers. Full nudity, open leg work with strawberries and cream to satisfy your appetite.

Show length – approx 15-20 mins

R-Works – Raunchy with the LOT
rworksWhen you’re hungry for more, be satisfied and get one with the “lot”. A raunchy show with Strawberries & Cream and climaxing with a Bubble Bath.

Show length – approx 20 mins

Hot Vibe Show
hotvibeWho said toys are for kids? One hot naked woman with toys, vibes, creams, oils and more. The perfect inclusion for any bucks night. Add in pearls and you’ve got a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Show length – approx 25-30 mins
$310 – standard
$330 – with pearls

Fruit & Veg Vibe Show
fruitvegSunday roast will never be the same after you see what our XXX strippers can do with fruit & veg. This XXX show is a variation on a HOT Vibe with various fruit or veggies being used as a dildo.

Show length – approx 25-30 mins

X-Works – Vibe with the LOT
xworksX-rated version of “Raunchy with the LOT”. Show starts with Strawberries & Cream, then out come the toys only for them to go IN, show climaxes with the dirty girl cleaning up in a bubble bath.

Show length – approx 25-30 mins

Body Paint Bonanza
bodypaintFor the wannabe artist, what better canvas than a naked girls body?! Let your imagination run wild, use your favourite team colors, go crazy and paint her all over. Show includes sexy vibe show and finishes with the painted girl cleaning up in a bubble bath.

Performed exclusively by Simone
Show length approx – 25-30 mins

Champagne Cocktail
champagneGo “first class” with this 5-star show. Watch as the girl uses a champagne bottle instead of regular toys. Indulge in a champagne drenching direct from the girl to you!! This is a tame way to find out what a Golden Shower feels like.

Performed exclusively by Simone
Show length approx – 25-30 mins

Anal Vibe Show
analOur sexy babe gets the most out of her toys. Show inlcudes normal hot vibe action and plenty of rear action for all you very naughty boys.

Performed exclusively by Simone
Show length approx – 25-30 mins

Golden Shower Vibe Show
goldenWant total and utter humilation for your victim? A golden shower strip like no other in Melbourne. This show include vibes/dildos and is as filthy as you want.

Performed exclusively by Jasmine B
Show length approx – 25-30 mins

Dildo Double-Up
dubpenOne toy is not enough!. Watch as a sexy babe gets the most out of her toys, and plugs both her holes in this sensational double-penetration show. An essential show for any Bucks Night.

Sky’s The Limit
jasminebThink you’ve seen it all? Try going to the next level where anything and everything will be used in ways that will amaze and shock you. This babe uses mobile phones, broom handles, hammers, fruit & veg and almost anything that isn’t nailed down. A foreign object extravaganza.

Performed exclusively by Jasmine B
Show length approx – 30 mins

Primo Pussy Fest

This show has it all! Premium showgirl action including vibes, fisting, anal, double-penetration and a strap-on dildo for someone special. What more could we put in this show?

Performed exclusively by Simone
Show length approx – 30 mins

Mega Pussy Mayhem
simone20The ULTIMATE buck’s night show! Drink your beer as it pours off this naked girl’s body. Wait till you see what this naughty girl does with lollipops and cigars! Try your luck at dildo ring toss, with a medal going to the lucky winner. Souvenir knicker giveway, plus sexy vibe show. This show inlcudes so much we had to make it an hour long.

Performed exclusively by Simone
Show length – 60 mins

Lesbian Double
lesbianAre you ready to experience the wild side of TWO girls? For your visual pleasure watch as two gorgeous girls satisfy each other with lots of kissing, licking, vibes, dildos and more.

Show length – approx 25-30 mins

Seductive Sins
pervertWatch & enjoy two girls indulge in a dirty lesbian fantasy. Dildos & double-enders are just the beginning. Show includes anal, double-penetration, foreign objects, pearls, & lots lesbian love. The lucky VIP will also receive a very naughty surprise.

Performed exclusively by Jasmine & Simone
Advance booking recommended
Show length approx – 30 mins